Snowmobile Tours in Wyoming

As parts of the United States are quickly being covered in snow, it is the perfect time to go for a snowmobile ride. If you are away on vacation, are unfamiliar with snowmobiles or just in need of a place to go snowmobiling, visiting a snowmobile tour operator is a great way to go. There are several great snowmobile tour companies in the Wyoming area that you can choose from.

High Country Snowmobile

High Country Snowmobile offers snowmobile tours in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. They have six different snowmobile tours for visitors to choose from. With the exception of two of the guided tours cost $200 for the snowmobile driver, $90 for riders thirteen years of age or older, and $80 for riders who are twelve years of age or under. The Old Faithful Snowmobile Tour is $240 for the snowmobile driver and $110 for passengers. The Old Faithful Snowmobile Tour is a long tour which departs at approximately 6 AM in the morning, with a return at 6 PM. The tour takes participants on a ninety to one hundred mile tour through Yellowstone Park, with lunch provided by the Geyser Grill at Old Faithful. The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is another long tour that takes participants through parts of the park that are not covered in the Old Faithful Snowmobile Tour. Costs for the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone Park tour is $265 for the snowmobile driver, as passengers or children are not recommended on this ride. For more information on the High Country Snowmobile tours that are available you can call 1-800-524-0130 or visit their website.

Snowy Mountain Adventures

Snowy Mountain Adventures is located in Albany, Wyoming on the Wyoming/Colorado border making it just a ninety minute drive from Cheyenne, Wyoming, Fort Collins, Colorado, or Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and just a two and a half hour drive from Boulder or Denver, Colorado. At Snowy Mountain Adventures visitors can rent either a Polaris 550 or Polaris 600 snowmobile. The Polaris 550 costs $80 for a two hour rental, $120 for a half-day rental, and $170 for a full day rental. The Polaris 600 costs $105 for a two hour rental, $160 for a half-day rental, and $210 for a full day rental. Snowmobile passengers ten years and under are free, while passengers eleven and older are charged a fee of $35. Snowy Mountain Adventures also offers clothing and accessory rental such as snowmobile gloves, boots, suits, pants, helmets, and more. For $24 you can rent a full-face helmet, snow boots, snowmobile pants, jacket, and gloves. For more information on Snowy Mountain Adventures you can visit their website or call 1-800-291-5959.

Yellowstone Snowmobile Tours

Yellowstone Snowmobile Tours is located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and features either single day or multi-day tours through Yellowstone National Park and along the Continental Divide Trail. Single day tours range in cost from $200 to $290, with passengers costing $50 for children ages twelve and under, and adult passengers costing $100. Multi-day tours are available in two, three, or four day intervals. Two day/ one night tours are $725 for drivers and $325 for passengers, while three day/two night tours are $1,050 for drivers and $675 for passengers, and four day/three night tours are $1,375 for drivers and $975 for passengers. For more information on Yellowstone Snowmobile Tours you can 1-800-743-2496 or visit their website.