Yellowstone National Park: Travel Guide

Yellowstone National Park is a wonderful place for a vacation whether you go alone, with your significant other or your whole family, kids included. The park itself is over two million acres of fantastic wild life, gorgeous, protected land and over three hundred magical geysers. (A geyser is a natural spring that can erupt at frequent or infrequent times.)

Yellowstone National Park

Below find information (traveling to, where to stay, where to eat and more) about your trip to Yellowstone National Park.

Getting There

(Yellowstone National Park is located mostly in Wyoming and partly in Montana and Idaho.)

By Air

The closest airport is Yellowstone Regional Airport in Cody, WY
The next closest airport is the Jackson Hole Airport in Jackson Hole, WY near the Grand Tetons

By Car

You can mapquest your route from your starting location to Yellowstone.
Different entrances have different rules for vehicles with wheels:
North Entrance
Open all year to vehicles with wheels – this entrance is located in Gardiner, Montana
South and East Entrance
Open for wheeled vehicles only from first Friday in May to first Sunday in November
West Entrance
Close to West Yellowstone, Montana, this entrance is open from third Friday in April to first Sunday in November
Northeast Entrance
Open all year round, near Cooke City, Montana, access through Gardiner, MT and the North Entrance

By Bus

There is no public transportation once IN the park, however, there is public transportation to get to the park.
Check local towns since bus services can be limited and seasonal.

Visitor Centers

  • Albright Visitor Center/Museum open 365 days, five miles inside the North Entrance
  • Norris Geyser Basin Museum 1/4 mile east of Norris Junction and has interpreters
  • Museum of National Park Ranger Norris soldier station near Norris campground, watch a 25 minute movie
  • Madison Museum a National Historic Landmark, located at Madison Junction, dates from 1929-30
  • Old Faithful Visitor Center near Old Faithful geyser and the most popular views of Yellowstone
  • Grant Village Visitor Center off of Grant Village Junction, named for President Ulysses Grant
  • Fishing Bridge Museum off the East entrance road, good overview of the birds of Yellowstone
  • Canyon Visitor Museum in the Canyon village complex, exhibit on bison

What to Do and See

Tours – Tours are mostly scenic drives or hikes
Big Sky Tours, Cody Tours, Gardiner Tours, Jackson Tours, West Yellowstone Tours are the larges guides
Old Faithful – A very popular attraction that is worth checking out
Frequent eruptions, about 90 minutes between each one, and visit the other geysers such as Castle Geyser that roars like a train after eruption and Riverside Geyser that erupts every 6 hours over a river and lasts 20 minutes
White Water Rafting – a great summer time activity
Fly fishing – with hundreds of public lakes and streams, this is a great place to fish
Camping – plenty of beautiful places to camp at the first come, first serve campsites
Indian Powwow – drumming, singing and more
SnowmobilingPlenty of trails, recommended operators

Lodging Wyoming


Hotels and Motels
In Cody, Wyoming there are plenty of different hotels and motels (all prices to choose from) to stay at whether they are historical, Western, Inn’s with pools, Hotels with modern amenities and more.
National Chains
With names you are familiar with like Fairfield Inn, Holiday Inn, and Best Western, you can feel comfortable in your choice. These may have competitive prices as well, so check for deals or coupons.
Inside the Park
A single company takes care of these on site hotels, some that come with boat rentals, horseback riding and more. This is probably your best bet if it is your first time and you want to do all the tourist attractions.
Guest Ranches
A fun, traditional way to enjoy Yellowstone, these can be pricey depending on time of year, amenities and size
See information under “What to Do and See” in this article.
Vacation Rentals
Depending how long you plan on staying, there are plenty of homes and condos to rent.


Dining in the Park
There are all different kinds of restaurants to choose from as well as a range of prices from Fast Food, Grills, hotel restaurants, Cafeterias and Snack Shops. Check the visitor centers or your hotels for information on these eateries.

Old West Cookout
You can sign up for this cookout and dine like the cowboys used to, and some still do. One of the cookouts is in a covered wagon. Pick from Yellowstone Roosevelt Old West Dinner Cookouts, Grand Teton Lodge Company and Grand Teton Park RV Resort.

Bullwinkles Saloon and Restaurant
Great pub food – steaks and fries, with great waiters and waitresses. In West Yellowstone, MT. Great prices.

Chinatown Restaurant
Chinese food out west? Yup. And pretty darn good. Family friendly. West Yellowstone, MT.

Maxwell’s Restaurant
Steak, Steak and more steak. That’s what you order at Maxwell’s. Great menu, family style, near touristy attractions and good prices. Located in Cody, Wyoming.

All in all, going to Yellowstone is wonderful family experience. Since it is a major tourist attraction, the amenities are aplenty. Try going in the Fall when school is in session or during the winter when it’s not a holiday for cheaper rates and less crowds. Enjoy your fantastic trip.