Super 8 Motel in Jackson Hole, Wyoming Review

Now, I’m not going to delve into the gritty details on why my party stayed at the Super 8 in Jackson, Wyoming, when there are many other better options, especially in the fall (the offseason time). The point is, we stayed here and I was pretty “meh” about my stay this Jackson, Wyoming hotel. Here are the details that the Super 8 website won’t tell you…but I will!

The rooms at the Jackson, WY Super 8:

Basic all the way. You’ve got your two queen beds (or king size bed), a microwave, fridge, and a coffee maker. Standard boring, hide-the-stains type hotel décor (no signs of bed bugs, thank goodness!). The room was clean and well, it did its duty-it was a place to stay. It was a non-smoking room. Unfortunately, we were on the second floor that overlooked the entrance, where all the smokers stood outside and sucked down packs of Camels. Naturally, the smell wafts into the room when you have your windows open, so we had to keep them closed. I will say, the HDTVs in the rooms are nice.

The lobby:

The lobby greets you with cutesy western décor, just like the rest of the city of Jackson, Wyoming. I didn’t expect this for a Super 8. Usually the lobbies are stark and unwelcoming, so I found this a pleasant surprise. However, you must note that THERE ARE NO ELEVATORS. This is a three-story hotel. So if you have a lot of luggage or have health problems, request a first-floor room. The lobby also has two computers for hotel guests to use, but beware-they are always occupied, even at midnight!


Yep, you get a free breakfast. It’s pretty basic: Froot Loops, Cinnamon Life, English muffins, OJ, coffee and donuts. It’ll do. Keep in mind that the breakfast area is always packed, so if you want to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee and take in the mountain view, you’ll need to fight with other guests.


You think a hotel in Jackson Hole, Wyoming would have nice mountain views, right? Well…your room at the Super 8 in Jackson WY will have a nice view of a mini storage business!

Other information

The parking lot is dimly lit, and it’s a little spooky walking out to your car at night. The hotel is also off the main strip in Jackson, so if you plan on doing bar hopping, you can’t walk from place to place. You’ll need a designated driver or you’ll have to take a cab. And the Wi-Fi in the rooms is really slow.